Update: J.A.S. Online Reader!

Hi guys! Just letting you know that I’ve finally setup our own online reader! It was actually a request from someone in Twitter but I was already planning on getting one waaay before that. It was bound to happen sooner or later, anyway! The site is being hosted by Leprd; it’s actually one of my friend’s hosting site, so I had it done right away! Yeee~

As for the next update of Mad Cinderella… I don’t know, there’s no definite schedule yet. We’ll just see what my mood will be! ^^; But! Three chapters of volume 4 is already done. Aocchan said she’ll give the next batch of translations next month-ish! So hopefully, I can update the three chapters before the month ends! ;D

And, off I go! *whOosh!*


Release: Mad Cinderella CH14+Extra



Harooooo~~ Here’s another chapter! It’s actually delayed of uhh… 2 days? I’m sorry! Buuuutttt…! I actually ditched my irl work to finish this chapter so be happy! >;O Also, also! I’ll be setting up our own reader so everyone can just… read them online! Hehe…! Enjoy!


Update: picking up Bokura no Negai CH19

Hey guys! Thank you for everyone for the follow, teeheehee! Here’s an update about another one Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s manga namely “Bokura no Negai“. Someone from a facebook group wanted us to translate the last chapter so we will be doing it! I personally got the permission to scanlate it from one of the original scanlators (Hoshikuzuu Scans), I’m just not sure about STK Scans though, but they seem to have gone hiatus since their last update for the manga was… last year?

203 copy

Anyway, I found scans of it from Aarinfantasy, fortunately, and they’re in high-quality! Yay! I would like to say thanks to Viharn, one of the members of the forum, for uploading the scans for me to download, lol. Please look forward to it!

If you guys want to request for a manga or chapter to be translated, contact us! See ya!

Release: Mad Cinderella CH13


Hello! Here’s another release for Mad Cinderella! I think I need a new credits page but I’m lazy and shit. Anyway, thank you so much to my friend AOZORA21 (from aarinfantasy) for translating this manga for me (in exchange for aarin points, kek.) The cleaning, redraws and typeset are all done by me. It’s not hard work if you’re actually enjoying yourself 😉


I’m still trying to upload the previous 3 chapters we did back in RPS, maybe in a few days. I’ll let you guys know! 😀

Hi, hello. Welcome!

Hi. I’m just another scanlator with unfinished business. My Aarin friend, Aozora21 and I will be working on Mad Cinderella by Yamamoto Kotetsuko to completion. Hopefully, that is. And we have another one by the same artist which is Honey Sweet Kitchen to work on, too.

Other than that, the actual members of this group is just me and my japanese friend, Meatsocool, who’s gonna do all the translations for me 😉 So please expect slow releases but in semi high-quality from us! We juggle this hobby between our busy lives IRL and playing our game (Blade&Soul), I also have work, sooo….!!

Anyway, I hope you guys like our tiny blog.

– Jaz