Oh crap. Im not dead yet.

Hoooo crap. I am so sooooorrrrrey for disappearing all of a sudden on you guys!!!!! A lot of stuff happened. My motherboard died on me last November (and still is) and then I kinda became a hermit for a month or so, and then lost my wordpress account password and wow yes my laifu is just crap right now. I’m currently writing this on my mobile phone aha. So yeah anyway, I’m seriously not dead yet for those people who were asking where the hell did I gone off to ;-; And oh noes, I dunno why I kept getting I-wanna-join-your-team emails from my already disbanded scanlation group – Rainbow Puke Scans, ehhhh. I dont wanna reply to them emails so I am sorry if you think I’m ignoring you or something! And as for those foreign scanlation groups who kept sending me permission emails, just go ahead and retranslate em, man! You dont even need to advertise RPS anymore! Coz you know, I’m no longer gonna update that site and shiz, sorreh.

So uhh…. I might not continue scanlating original manga when I come back. I might jump back to scanlating fandoms I’m currently into right now and hoo boy, I have a ton of doujinshi my friend gave me and also stuff I bought that I havent gotten time to scanlate coz I got swarmed by original manga projects 🙂

So uhhhh. You might see some doujinshi from Attack on Titan, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and My Hero Academia here in this blog, in the future, like, when I can finally be able to fix my damn computer, yay.

If you wanna keep in touch with me, the contact form still works. If you have Discord account, you can chat me up there as well – JazD801#7349

Yeaaaaah so, see ya’ll again when I can o/


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