I need help so I just wanna share it here….

I really didnt wanna do this but I must. I need all the help I could get. And gah sorry I didnt know how to copy links from the Chrome app so I just took a photo of the link.

So yes, I know this is kinda a low thing to do, asking help from people for my computer problems. But I have a reason to do this! I dont really wanna tell a sob story but long story short, I dont really and honestly want to have mom use my deceased dad’s insurance money to buy me a new computer when it’s supposed to pay off her chemo therapy.

If I could lessen the amount at least, maybe I would feel lighter… Estimated price would be more or less 30k in peso currency so thats like, $600?

Really tho, I just wanna share this here and I would appreciate it if you guys could share it to others as well or to gaming communities?? Idk. Just, yeah, thank you in advanced.



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