Just Another Scanlator is a two-man (err…girls) scanlations group that works mainly on BL/Yaoi Manga. It was formerly known as Rainbow Puke Scans which was also previously known as Moi-xRyu Scans.

The groups mentioned were disbanded for personal reasons, but the person in charge has decided to come back to finish some unfinished business and continue to spread gay porn.

The two people behind this group is JazD801, the editor, and Meatsocool, the translator. We also make friends with other translators and have asked them for translation help. This is just one of our hobby aside from playing Blade&Soul together. Be sure to expect slow releases from us!


We don’t really have rules for spreading the love for gay porn, maybe just credit the group by linking our website to wherever you wanna spread our releases to.

As for requesting manga you want us to work on, we have some rules for that. They’re just basic and easy-to-follow ones: 1) Manga requests must always be in Japanese, 2) You must provide Japanese scans for your request, 3) We will not work on manga titles that are being worked on by other groups. You can check the scanlator sheet here, 4) In the last question in our Contact page, type “Boys’ Love” in the text box as a way for us to know that you have read this block of text.