Release: Mad Cinderella CH12


Because I’m such an ass and a perfectionist, here’s our own version of Mad Cinderella CH12. And I’m also leaving this message here for everyone to read :v




Hi, hello. Welcome!

Hi. I’m just another scanlator with unfinished business. My Aarin friend, Aozora21 and I will be working on Mad Cinderella by Yamamoto Kotetsuko to completion. Hopefully, that is. And we have another one by the same artist which is Honey Sweet Kitchen to work on, too.

Other than that, the actual members of this group is just me and my japanese friend, Meatsocool, who’s gonna do all the translations for me 😉 So please expect slow releases but in semi high-quality from us! We juggle this hobby between our busy lives IRL and playing our game (Blade&Soul), I also have work, sooo….!!

Anyway, I hope you guys like our tiny blog.

– Jaz