Bokura no Negai

Update: picking up Bokura no Negai CH19

Hey guys! Thank you for everyone for the follow, teeheehee! Here’s an update about another one Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s manga namely “Bokura no Negai“. Someone from a facebook group wanted us to translate the last chapter so we will be doing it! I personally got the permission to scanlate it from one of the original scanlators (Hoshikuzuu Scans), I’m just not sure about STK Scans though, but they seem to have gone hiatus since their last update for the manga was… last year?

203 copy

Anyway, I found scans of it from Aarinfantasy, fortunately, and they’re in high-quality! Yay! I would like to say thanks to Viharn, one of the members of the forum, for uploading the scans for me to download, lol.┬áPlease look forward to it!

If you guys want to request for a manga or chapter to be translated, contact us! See ya!